Autopoetic Ideas is a small organization with a big heart. Founded in 2007 by Anne Bérubé, the company has its sights set on making the world a better place—one event and one great speaker at a time.
Autopoetic means to “self-create,” and this is a business that has done just that, growing their audiences from 50 to over 1,500. Producing events in the areas of health, wellness, and meaning, Autopoetic Ideas connects individuals to writers, speakers, and businesses who care about making a difference.
Anne believes that a commitment to a well world is contagious. Her mission is to build community and to inspire conscious awareness, positive change, and transformation in people’s lives.

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Anne Bérubé, Founder and President

Anne Bérubé BEd PhD is a highly trained Life Coach and Educator specializing in creativity, awareness, and process transformation. In addition to being the heart behind Autopoetic, she is also a speaker, published author, life coach, and leader of life-changing workshops that help people live more authentic, fulfilling, and joyful lives.

Her research interests focus on the concept of autopoiesis as it relates to art, people, transformation, and healing. She is a teacher and a practitioner of Huna, the ancient Hawaiian art of healing and a certified WEL-Systems NLP Practitioner. She has extensively studied meditation and Vedic wisdom with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad California.
Anne can be reached at (902) 449-7856 or anne [at]


Paul MacInnis, Executive Producer

Highly creative and passionate about his work, Paul has created his own brand and style of social entrepreneurship. He has a unique ability to build bridges and relationships across the boundaries of divergent industries, organizations, and individuals and bring them together in pursuit of a common cause. The shared sense of belonging and achievement, and the emphasis on the idea that “we did it together” has been the bedrock of most of his projects.

Paul and his wife, Anne Berube, produce live events in the areas of health, wellness, and meaning. Their company Autopoetic Ideas connects individuals to writers, speakers, and businesses who care about making a difference.

Paul’s career has allowed him to enjoy rich and varied professional experiences that continue to include business development, project management, finance, fundraising, event production, publicity, and marketing.

An eternal optimist, Paul places great faith in the creative potential of the human spirit. He deeply believes that everything we need to create a better world for ourselves and others is within us.

Paul can be reached at (902) 449-7856 or paul [at]