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The Soul Tribe Leadership Formula  


Authenticity of Voice

Finding your authentic voice and connecting with your audience: Who Am I? What impact am I trying to make? What’s my message? How will I remain authentic and resonate with others?


Generosity of Spirit

Chances are, you love sharing your gift with the world so much that you’d happily give them away for free! (if only that would pay the bills!) We hear you. You aren’t doing it for the money, but ‘oh the places you’d go,’ if only you had some money!  


Self Awareness and a Dash of Humility

Are you ready and willing to receive constructive criticism from professionals who are more concerned about your success than your ego? As entrepreneurs, we must continually reassess our energetic focus. Are you able to receive help and support so that you can play to your strengths and leverage your personal power?


Sustainable Approach to Monetization

How do I convert my passion, my gift, into something that serves others? How do I monetize? How do I charge for what I do? How much? How do I plan for the future of my business? How do I fund the journey? How do I scale my business as it evolves? What does success mean to me?


Clear and Confident Marketing and Communications

How do I connect and communicate with my Tribe? How do I present my work to the world? How do I deal with the haters? Who are my customers? Where are they? How do I get my message out? How do I build my platform? 


Acceptance of Worthiness  

You've heard the call from deep within and despite judgement and resistance you are ready to move forward with your dream. Bringing your gift into the world is one of the most courageous things you will ever do. It's not easy. That's why our program is anchored by a spiritual coach and it is why we are doing this as a group.    


Fearlessness (Just kidding, that doesn’t exist, but you need to put yourself out there)

Within weeks of finishing this workshop series you will launch your website and share it with the world! The only way to grow is to put yourself out there, try, fail, succeed, learn, and try again. Our team will be available as a resource as you continue to evolve your online ecosystem.