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Wayne Dyer Canadian Tour: I AM LIGHT

Created in anticipation of Dr. Wayne Dyer's 2015 Canadian tour. This video was uploaded to Facebook where it had 12,000 views within in one week.

Dancing For Our Stars

Dancing for our Stars gives local community leaders a chance to slip on a pair of dancing shoes and put themselves in the shoes of a student with learning disabilities. They are way outside of their comfort zones as they try to cram years of ballroom dance training into a few short months. With 40,000 loads and over 4,000 complete plays, our competitors used their specific video as a principal fundraising tool and introduction leading into their performance at the event. We seek to create a passion and urgency of appeal through these videos and in spite of some more the conservative personalities we have encountered, always endeavored

Keri-Lynn Calp

Ideas Festival Associate Producer Keri-Lynn Calp directed and produced a series of five minute videos, pilots for a television series focusing on health and wellness throughout her community.