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Your Tribe is waiting


Find your voice, share your gifts,

and be REVENUE READY in 5 weeks


The World is Changing


Knowledge Commerce

You can build a business based on thought leadership, healing and the exchange of energy and information. Have you heard the call to lead?


A New Way to Live

Play with energy, intention, attention, and creativity as we co-create meaningful connections and experiences. 


A Digitized  Spiritual Revolution

The digital world is a manifestation of the spiritual. Nurture and develop an online ecosystem that supports your work in the world.


Are you ready to lead? 


Over the past ten years, we’ve worked with some of the most fascinating leaders in the world of spirituality, health, and wellness. From emerging talent to people at the top of their game, more often than not our role has been to help our client find his or her tribe.

When you first start out, this process can seem overwhelming and complicated, but we're here to help.



Soul Tribe Leaders’ Workshop

Throughout our professional careers, we've discerned a few essential components of success. We’ve distilled the best, no-nonsense practices into an intensive “do-it-yourself-with-our-help” program. In just five weeks, we’ll teach you what it takes most people years to learn on their own, and we'll work with you to apply it. Together we will find your voice, find your tribe, and change the world.

Five Saturdays in Spring 2018 at our Top secret Soul Tribe Headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia

10 AM - 6 PM

March 31st - April 28th


Build your Online Ecosystem and be Revenue Ready in 5 weeks


Our Philosophy


Powered By LOVE

We understand the importance of allowing your heart and spirit to drive your business. For ten years we’ve walked the path of entrepreneurship with purpose-driven leaders in the spirituality, health, and wellness space.


Individualized and Holistic 

We take a 360-degree approach to your business. Our team will work with you to find your strengths and choose your path to success.


Purposeful Simplicity 

We overcome complexity through the simplicity of authenticity, clear messaging, no-nonsense strategies, and a collection of best practices. 


OUTCOME driven

It makes all the difference


In FIVE weeks you’ll accomplish what many people take THREE years to complete.

Our commitment is to have you revenue ready with a functioning online business. Everything we produce will pass the test of authenticity and sustainability, and you will have valuable brand assets including:

 Seminar 1: Dr. William Davis: Introduction to the core concepts: From Wheat Belly to Undoctored Health. Let them eat grass + Q&A  Seminar 2: Dr. William Davis: Your Grain Detox Road Map           Seminar 3: Dr. William Davis: Core Strategies: Understanding Vitamin D + Q&A   Seminar 4: Dr. William Davis: Core Strategies: Understanding Omega 3s + Q&A 

How DO We KNow? 

Because we are going to make it happen with you! 

  • Our coaches work with you to articulate a vision and business model that is yours alone.

  • Our marketing team expresses that vision though images and language. 

  • Our production team puts it all together, creates your online ecosystem, and Brings it to life.  


meet Your Team of Co-creators


L Paul MacInnis

A social entrepreneur before it was cool. Seasoned veteran of event production, online course production and workshop design. Blissful when creating revenue for soulful thought leaders. >$5m revenue online.


Beck Keen 

A triple threat - award winning entrepreneur, writer and worldwide sailor to boot. She’ll guide you through telling the story of your brand and finding the right words to connect with your audience (in a way that’s 100% YOU).


Vish Purgass

A creative director, multi-disciplinary designer, thinker and doer. Holistic problem solver. Expert in creating emotional impact through digital media. Global experience. British accent.


Anne Berube PhD

Official Soul Tribe Muse / Guinea Pig. Anne has helped hundreds of individuals discover an inner freedom and a connection to their unique source of sustainable happiness. Her portfolio includes a bestselling book, workshops, retreats, online courses, a podcast, a blog, and a business that has allowed her to share the stage with her heroes.


Nancy Regan 

Nancy knows how to connect with an audience. She’s a TV personality, podcaster, and professional MC with a visceral understanding of stage presence and authentic communication. Founder and host of The Soul Booth Podcast...a cozy corner that fosters meaningful conversation.

Chaz Photo.jpg

Chaz Thorne MBA

A serial entrepreneur who has owned businesses spanning from feature film production to agricultural technology. A corporate strategist advising some of Canada’s leading companies including Weston Foods and Sun Life Financial. MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. Cereal from the Kellogg’s box of cornflakes. 


Who Should Apply

This workshop is for people who are ready to take their first steps toward creating an online business in the fields of health, wellness, spirituality, or personal development. We're looking for emerging coaches, facilitators, authors, and speakers. 

If you consider yourself an emerging thought leader who is ready to build your brand, monetize your expertise, and extend your reach and impact - then this program is designed for you. It is possible to build a lasting, successful career based on thought leadership, healing, and the exchange of positive energy.

Program is limited to 20 participants


start your entrepreneurial journey  

Five Saturdays in Spring 2018 at our Top secret Soul Tribe Headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia*   

10 AM - 6 PM

March 31st - April 28th

* Participants can make-up missed sessions in online meetings with our coaches. 


100% Money Back Guarantee

If after attending the first full day of the Soul Tribe Leader's Workshop, you do not feel you are in the absolute right place for your business, turn in your course materials, and we will issue you a full refund.