Labeling GMO's: Our Right To Know: Featuring youth activist Rachel Parent

  • The Wooden Monkey 1707 Grafton St Halifax, NS, B3J 2C6 Canada

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The Event: A coalition of food activists, concerned parents, and community leaders are gathering in Halifax to discuss the issue of labelling GMOs. Rachel Parent, youth advocate and founder of Kids Right To Know, will deliver a short presentation and discuss her position on GMO labelling.

The organizers have invited federal politicians and candidates to join the discussion and perhaps share their positions on the issue of GMO labelling.

3:00 pm Opening Remarks by M.C. Lil MacPherson  


The Speakers:

Rachel Parent, Founder Kids Right To Know, on the right to know what's in your food.

Mark Butler, Policy Director at Ecology Action Centre, on EAC's court case against genetically modified salmon

Q&A and a chance to hear the positions of various federal canidtates

Meet and Greet to follow

Rachel Parent is not your average teenager. She’s not drawn to designer labels, she’s drawn to food labels. At 12 years old, Rachel began researching for a school project and became alarmed by what she learned about GMOs. This gave her the spark to become an activist fighting for our right to know what’s in our food by making GMO labelling a law in Canada. That spark then evolved into what’s now known as Kids Right To Know, a not-for-profit organization that she founded to inform the public, especially other children, about food safety.

Mark Butler has an undergraduate and graduate degree in Environmental Studies. Before joining EAC, Mark worked as a marine educator, a fisheries consultant both in Canada and overseas, and as a deckhand on commercial fishing boats. His passions include bird watching, mushroom collecting, ship watching, spending time with his son, and eating fresh fish, caught right.


“As a democratic, first world country, we are supposed to have the right to know what’s in our food and the right to choose what we eat. Somewhere along the line, that was taken away from us...without asking or even telling us. I’m part of the movement to get that back.”  - Rachel Parent